viernes, junio 30, 2006

Te gustan los lobos??

Puedes firmar peticiones y tomar acciones para defender y ayudar a los lobos en el mundo

Join the Fight to Defeat Richard Pombo
Stop Portraying Wolves as "Big Bad Wolf" to Educate Children!

Save The Wolves in Canada and all over the World
Stop Killing Wolves in Alaska
Stop the ariel gunnign on wolves

Please save the coyotes, pheasants, burrowing owls, etc.

Tell President Bush To Help Alaska's Wolves

Don't Let Idaho Kill Endangered Wolves

Save Kei!

Bringing back the red wolf

Howl for Wolves in Rocky Mountain National Park!

Stop Delisting of Wolves in Wyoming!
91 Wolves Killed & Counting! Stop the Slaughter!
Save Wolves in France
Save the Great American Grey Wolf
Bringing Back the Red Wolf
Stop Delisting of Wolves in Wyoming!
Stop Aerial Gunning of Wolves in Alaska Deadline)
Stop Delisting of Wolves in Wyoming!
Protect the Wolves of Norway
Justice Must Be Done For Big Game Guide Of Illegally Killing Wolves
Petition To Halt Baited Wolf Hunt
Prohibit Sale of Endangered Species Items on eBay
Don't Let The Wisconsin DNR Get Away With Murder!
Trophy hunter's "giving away" free wolf kill
Sign the petition below to stand up for America's wolves and urge Secretary Norton to do her job to protect and recover the gray wolf.
the upheaveal and improvement of the ESA.
Wolf petition Alaska October 18, 2005 9:16 AM
Stop Trophy Hunting & Wolf Slaughter
Help Save Alaska's Wolves
Tell Gale Norton to Do Her Job and Protect Wolves wolves in France
Reintroduction Of Wolves To Oregon
Stop the open season on BC Canada's Grey Wolves
Help Save Wolves
Stop Wolf Slaughter
Stop Slaughtering Wolves In Norway
Keep Wolves on Endangered Species List
Protect Gray Wolves - Don't Kill Them!
Save the Wolves at Wolf Country USA
2002- Protect the Wolves of Denali National Park with Buffer Zone
Please Ask L. David Mech To Defend Wolves!
Stop the Aerial Slaughter of Alaska's Wolves!
Alaska’s Wolves Need Your Help

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Anónimo dijo...

Hola Adriana!
Great job on posting these very important petitions. I have signed them all as you know my deep compassion for wolves and all matter of animals for that fact. Kudos to you. :o)